The Best Tiny Home Builders in the US

Photo from Home Builder Digest

It seems you’ve come a long way, tiny homes! The Best Tiny Home Builders in the US includes all 50 states, noting that some offer a lot more options than others. Here, a tiny home is 500 square feet or less. The publisher, Home Builder Digest, covers custom homes of all sizes. The site includes lots of priced-out detail about home-building costs. I haven’t yet checked it all out.

Tiny House Nation mini-binge

Tiny House Nation
Tiny House Nation: The hosts at work.

Mini-binge potential is there for Tiny House Nation with the first seven shows of Season 5 on Netflix, but I’m only on episode one. So far, it’s a pretty typical reality reno show: high-energy hosts, quick cuts, upbeat music, and bite-sized at around 24 minutes an episode. The storyline is simple: two renovation pros embark on an endless road trip, rolling in to help out on tiny home builds that are underway. That’s what I’ve got so far. I’ll see how far I get. For a four-minute sample: “Tiny House Nation: Mark & Nicole”.