Cool home, cheap!

Wow, this cool woman really lays it out in an unignorably straight-up style. Under $3,500, huh?! Um…inspiring.

7 thoughts on “Cool home, cheap!”

  1. Rather than indoor plants, enjoy planting outdoors.

    For more light, try arched windows and skylights.

    Store a stovetop, stackable pans a week of dry goods beneath a standard-sized kitchen sink. Try an under-counter fridge and combination washer/dryer. Compact Appliance online carries 24-inch products.

  2. Store extra blankets in pillowcases.

    Store clothes, kitchen items, etc. in pull-out baskets beneath a daybed. Try a fabric bedskirt, if needed.

    Vertical storage is claustrophobic.

  3. To separate areas or create privacy, try fabric on spring-loaded rods. Move the rods where needed.

    Rather than a cupboard door, try two pieces of gathered fabric on a spring-loaded rod.

    Fabrics are easy to clean and fun to change.

  4. If everything were stored in pull-out baskets beneath the first-floor daybed, another loft could be built, which may add greater stability to the structure.

    Try simple hooks for handy tote bags, bath towels, kitchen towels, coats and clothing.

    Store handy items on a deep window sill.


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