Tiny house tour

This little video tour gave me a bit of a feel for extreme tiny living. The house is around 100 sq. ft. (pretty sure that doesn’t include the cozy-looking attic sleeping-storage space). The tour guide is Jay Shafer, founder of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. He’s been living in, designing, building, and selling plans for tiny houses for over a decade. When you start thinking “tiny home,” Jay’s name seems to pop up everywhere, he’s definitely a leader in the North American tiny house scene… I could adapt to 100 sq. ft., but I think it’d be intense.

8 thoughts on “Tiny house tour”

  1. wow. this is wonderful. i have seen this gentlemen’s work before on a dyi show. it is awesome. (unlike the idiotic comment up above)
    great work! now i have a goal for my retirement!

  2. I like how he had the camera girl talk at the end. I was also thinking he sounded a bit gay. I still liked the house i thought it was good.

  3. Cool stuff…. but I wonder how much more bigger the space could feel with less wood and more super white gypsum? Really makes me want to explore further some of the spatial expansion ideas we’ve come up with on our Tiny House project over @ http://www.blakestinyhouse.com We would welcome any comments and suggestions and you can even vote for your favorite conceptual design of ours.

    Cheers and look forward to hearing from some of you!

  4. These tiny houses are difficult to zone, finance, insure and sell.

    Lofts may be impractical with age or injury.

    Jay’s designs waste a lot of space with a built-in stovetop and excess walls, cupboards, closets, shelving.

    Try a daybed or futon couch with underbed pull-out storage baskets.
    Replace office supplies, books, art, tv, a stereo, etc with a handheld computer.
    Rather than a desk, try a clipboard.
    Rather than a dining table, eat/entertain with a plate in your lap.


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