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Budget: DIY or buy

This excellent (and current: March 15, 2016) article discusses costs and budget decision-making AND presents a detailed breakdown of the price tag of one quality tiny home—a must-read: Let’s Talk Budget: Why are tiny homes so expensive?. Some takeaways and conclusions:

  • cost range for a prebuilt tiny home: $35,000-$80,000
  • average cost of a full-featured DIY tiny home with top appliances: $25,000
  • three things can reduce that $25,000 by up to maybe half for similar results:
    1. investing more time and less money by salvaging (free), refurbishing, and hunting for deals
    2. cutting back on cost/quality of individual items (e.g. a less expensive stove or toilet)
    3. having relevant skills (e.g. you're an architect, or a builder) and/or connections (for deals on services and materials)
  • there's no fixed average DIY cost for a quality tiny home: you can spend more or less and be happy with the results, based on your expectations and desires (as well as what non-cash resources and time you have to invest)
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