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Composting toilets

A self-contained composting toilet quickly separates and evaporates the liquid/water component, and composts the solids.

The Sun-Mar Excel NE, a well-known brand and model of self-contained composting toilet, this one requires no electricity. Other models, for AC or AC/DC operation, are more efficient in evaporating liquid. List: $1,695. Sounds great, but there are some detractors who criticize price and performance of this and other brands of similar units.


  • Envirolet - AC, DC and non-electric; composting is finished in-unit
  • Separett Waterless Toilets - self-contained AC and AC/DC; bucket and biodegradable liner system for removal when full (several weeks) for outdoor final composting; urine separator design
  • Sun-Mar - self-contained AC, AC/DC and non-electric; composting is finished in-unit
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