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Haven't yet found a one-stop article on all the practical tiny home energy options, so here's a starter list:

  • Solar - solar panel system; LOTS of info on these
  • Burning stuff - typically, wood and pelletized combustibles, maybe kerosene and heating oil,…; generally for heating
  • Wind - electricity generated by tiny turbines, sounds expensive and dependent on the weather (i.e. sunshine)
  • Hydroelectric - like tiny wind, you can get tiny hydro turbines if you have a suitable stream to put it in; not practical in a cold climate where your stream freezes in winter; here's an idea of gear and prices for a tiny system ($3,000-5,000), and for one brand of tiny turbine, the PowerSpout
  • Gas - propane, for cooking, heating, refrigeration; maybe compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • AC mains - plugging into the electrical grid
  • Generator - a gas-powered generator for electricity
  • Passive design - make use of sun and wind for (assisting with) heating and cooling
  • Conservation - by using highly efficient appliances, and using less in general, you effectively increase the value of the energy sources you select

Here's a quick-read basic article on how to calculate how much electricity your tiny home needs, particularly if you're going solar and offgrid.


Well-discussed choices are electrical, wood, propane, coal and kerosene.

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